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HERS Energy Rating

The Lower The Number, The More Energy-efficient The Home.

HERS Energy Rating

Energy Efficient Homes

We take the comfort and well-being of our homeowners seriously and want them to be able to benefit from their new home in Columbus, Ohio, for years to come. At Schottenstein Homes, we build every one of our houses to meet the minimum HERS rating required for the Energy-Star seal of approval. Each one of our communities is ENERGY STAR certified, which saves you thousands on your energy costs over the years. Contact us today for more information on our homes and the benefits of owning an ENERGY STAR certified house.

HERS Energy Rating

A home energy rating is an analysis of a home’s energy efficiency; as per the Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index. The HERS Index is the nationally recognized scoring system for measuring a home’s energy performance. Based on the results, an energy-rated home will receive a HERS Index Score. The HERS Index Score can be described as a sort of miles-per-gallon (MPG) sticker for houses, giving prospective buyers and homeowners an insight as to how the home ranks in terms of energy efficiency. In addition to a HERS Index Score, a home energy rating also provides the homeowner with a detailed report regarding energy problems in the house.

To calculate a home’s HERS Index Score, a certified RESNET Home Energy Rater will do a home energy rating and compare the data against a ‘reference home’ – a design modeled home of the same size and shape as the actual home, so the HERS Index Score is always relative to the size, shape and type of house you live in. The lower the number, the more energy efficient the home.

Individual Air Ducts to Each Room

Individual air ducts allow for more consistent and comfortable heating and cooling throughout the home. As a result of more efficient furnace cycling, you can expect year-round savings.

Air Infiltration Package

All seams are sealed on the interior to prevent air infiltration at floor and wall sections as well as the windows. Preventing air infiltration maximizes the energy efficiency of your new home while minimizing your monthly energy costs.

Whisper Green Fan

Whisper green fans provide your home with efficient air exchange properties, leading to an increase in the overall air quality of your new home in Columbus.


Tyvek housewrap and window flashing systems control water intrusions and unwanted air infiltration making it easier and more affordable to regulate the internal temperature of your home.


HD R-15 exterior insulation and R-30 to 49 ceiling insulation allow for less air infiltration for greater comfort and lower utility bills. All vertical insulation in the attic that is common to attic space is wrapped on all six sides to further reduce air infiltration and to keep the insulation in place. Superior insulation used in our new home construction in Columbus, Ohio, leads to a more comfortable and more affordable living experience.

High Performance Windows

Every Schottenstein Home is equipped with energy-efficient vinyl windows with low-E glass that reflects unwanted sunlight away in the summer. The windows we use for our new home construction in Columbus, Ohio, ensure you have a comfortable interior temperature at an affordable rate.

Foundation Waterproofing

Groundwater has a way of infiltrating and damaging the foundation of a home. At Schottenstein homes, we use a waterproofing membrane to prevent unnecessary damage and ensure the longevity of your foundation.


High quality and ENERGY STAR certified appliances from Frigidaire offer the finest innovative, reliable, and energy-conserving performance that has been a company standard for over 100 years.

Basement Insulation Drape

An exposed foundation leads to fluctuating internal air quality and temperature changes. With a basement insulation drape, you get all of the benefits of a basement without any of the drawbacks.

Water Heater

Energy Star 50 gallon electric hot water tanks provide you with the hot water you need with a money-saving 91% energy factor.

Heating & Cooling System

Our Bryant 96% efficient furnace uses up to 20% less energy than the standard models. That means that 96 cents out of every dollar you spend on fuel is actually heating your house versus 80 cents out of every dollar if you had an 80% furnace. An ENERGY STAR approved Bryant 15 seer air conditioner rounds out of the superior performance and energy efficiency of the heating and cooling systems in all of our energy-efficient homes.

Energy Star | Ask About Energy Star Certified Homes

Energy Star

ENERGY STAR is the government-backed symbol for energy efficiency. It identifies new homes in Columbus, Ohio, and over 30 types of products that are energy efficient without sacrificing the features, quality, and personal comfort that today’s consumers expect. The ENERGY STAR label on a new home in Columbus, Ohio, means that it is significantly more efficient, which means lower utility bills for you. Schottenstein Homes is a 100% Energy Star Builder. Each Schottenstein home is given an ENERGY STAR certification with a rating, which you can use for resale. Independent Energy Certified tests are run on every home to confirm our high construction standards meet or exceed guidelines.